Predictioner started off when a group of our friends challenged each other to predict the weekend’s football results. Each weekend most of our picks were the same because of the way we awarded points meant we always went for the favourites. This was boring.

We changed the scoring and awarded more points for being correct in predicting the under dogs. This was a lot harder to win. We want to find out who is the best.

We built this website making it simple, fair and sociable. Unlike fantasy football games where your season can be over after just a few weeks, we want to make sure that for every weekend there is a reason play.

We hope to be able build up enough players to attract sponsorship to the site and offer weekly prizes. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please contact us at sales@predictioner.com

If you have any ideas for improvements to the site please use the “Feedback” button at the bottom right of the website.

Game on.

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