Can I play for money?

Predictioner is a play for fun game, although we do hope to offer prizes once we have enough traffic going to our site. We have no immediate plans to offer play for money games.

Why are roundswith three or more games postponed cancelled?

We don’t think it is a fair competition if there is only a small amount of games that take place. In addition, the chances of a tie are much more likely.

What if I don't like the contest structure or other things about Predictioner?

Please let us know by contacting us at feedback@predictioner.com. We are breaking new ground here, and with your feedback we can make things even better.

What other sports do you offer?

We currently offer Premier League Football and NFL. We don’t have any plans to add to these at the moment.

How do I change my Account Information?

When you are logged in, you can click on the myprofile tab and update your account information.

I forgot my Password, what do I do?

Click the "forgot your password" link after clicking the login button and we email a link you may use to reset your password. The link can only be sent to your Predictioner email ID on file.


How do I enter a contest?

You will need an open and funded FSL account. Click on a contest in the Contest Tab that you are interested in. In the contest's window, you will see all the details and be able to register by agreeing to the terms and contest fee amount. After registering, you can start drafting your fantasy team

How long do I have to make my predictions?

The will be a countdown timer on the homepage at all times. Each round this will be reset and will display how long you have left to make your predictions.

How is my Power Rating calculated?

You power rating allows you to compare yourself to all other players. It is based on whether you are performing better than the average or not. A rating of over 100 is above average.

Why can’t I see anyone else’s picks?

You can only see other players picks once you have submitted your picks.

Can I advertise on my League Page?

You are able to advertise on your own league page. Please contact sales@predictioner.com for more information.

Can I advertise on the main page?

We do sell the advertising on the main page, again please contact sales@predictioner.com for availability.

I would like to offer a weekly prize, who should I contact?

Again, please contact sales@predictioner.com and we will organize offering your product for one of our weekly competitions.

Can I unregister for a contest?

No, once you register for a contest, you may not unregister.

What if I don't complete my predictions in time?

When you sign up you set your preferences for round that you forget to predict. These can be amended in your profile page.

What if I want to play in a private contest?

You can set up a league and become the league manager and invite players to participate.

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